The Work of

The Knights of Truth

We continue in accord with the ecumenical humanitarian princliples generated by our late Grand Master Lord Pundit Profe Dr Sir Anton Jayasuriaya, Knight Grand and Commander for Asia and Oceania, in the spiritual tradition of the Knight of St John of Jerusalem and the Order of Knights of Saint John the Baptist (Knights of Truth).

Our Mission is to bring charitable medical and humanitarian works to those in need independent of any given following and to work for the unity of mankind based on the acceptance of a supreme Creator according to each knights calling.

The Order is open to all persons, men and women of all nationallities who accept the Statutes of the Order. Admission is by invitation and nomination to those who have distinguished themselves in the fields of: Healing Arts, Social Welfare, Philanthropy, Humanitarianism, Scientific Research, Human Liberal Arts, Philosophy and such other callings as shall be deemed acceptable by the adminssion's panel based on personal merit rather than qualification alone.

Each member of the Order must show good cause in the undertaking of humanitarian work for the betterment of mankind withoout prejudice. Each knight must dedicate to this principle on entering the Order and must continue to provide evidence of charitable undertakings. Each must provide an annual statement of such work in his or her community according to his or her spiritual following.

According each Knight or Dame is an ambassador of our Order according to the principles envisaged by Sir Anton Jayasuria working for the betterment and unity of mankind

Bearings of the Grandmaster
Prof Dr Sir John

The Order of Knights